Neurofeedback is a safe, painless and non-invasive method of functional brain training. Neurofeedback uses EEG (electroencephalography) technology to record the electrical activity of the brain. Recording as QEEG (Quantitative Electroencephalography) examines the electrical activity of the nervous system. Neurofeedback treatment is based on neuroscience and involves training brain activity, which teaches the brain to regulate itself, resulting in a strengthening and improvement of its function. 
The method is based on operant learning and implements an intervention used to improve, manage and treat brain and nervous system disorders. The brain learns to reduce the less functional brain waves and increase the waves that provide more functional and optimal activity. This produces long-lasting effects over time. 

About us

Neurobioklinik is a private clinic run by two licensed psychologists in Lund. We are experts in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and BIO and NEUROFEEDBACK therapies. We are also authorized psychologists in Spain and Spanish-speaking with extensive experience in clinical psychology. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is one of the fundamental pillars of psychological treatment. 
We are trained approved therapists and users of medical technology in Neuro and Biofeedback 
Our training in different psychological models and schools guarantees our competence in the treatment of psychological problems and mental disorders such as anxiety disorders, depressive disorders, personality disorders, impulse control disorders, etc. As clinical psychologists, our training gives us the ability to provide rigorous and scientific counseling, evaluation and treatment

Neurofeedback sessions
During the neurofeedback session, sensors (electrodes) are placed on the scalp and through a computer program, real-time visual and/or auditory feedback is provided that allows the brain to learn to reduce the brain waves that cause difficulties and increase those associated with better functioning. 
Neurofeedback is an evidence-based method that has been shown to be effective in the intervention of patients with ADHD, epilepsy, post-traumatic stress disorder, addiction, anxiety, autism and depression, among other conditions. Neurofeedback is a therapeutic option that, in combination with other psychotherapeutic methods such as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), promotes improvement and reduction of symptoms in patients. The American Academy of Pediatrics, APS, recommends Neurofeedback as an effective and specific intervention method for the treatment of ADHD since 2011. 
Neurobioklinik is a private unit run by licensed psychologists in Sweden and Spain. We are experts in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and BIO and NEUROFEEDBACK therapies. We are a group of professionals

An evidence-based approach

Neurofeedback is an evidence-based method that is effective for a wide range of problems such as: Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Autism (ATS), Anxiety, Stress-related difficulties, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), PTSD, Trauma, Epilepsy, Bipolar Disorder, Depression, Insomnia, etc. Certain brain waves correlate with symptoms. Through operant conditioning, it is possible to alter these waves and thereby achieve a change in symptoms using neurofeedback.

Peak Performance

Neurofeedback can also be applied to people who want to improve their performance and strengthen their abilities, such as professional competitors, high-performing individuals, athletes, and the like. By training brain activity, neurofeedback can help optimize mental acuity, focus, and performance to achieve desired outcomes and success in various areas of life and work.

CBT or EMDR in combination with Neurofeedback 

We offer the possibility to receive CBT psychotherapy or EMDR method with complementary support to neurofeedback treatment.   
Our approach is characterized by person-centered therapy, with all the care and individual adaptation in the therapeutic relationship. Using techniques from neurotherapy, the process of symptom relief is accelerated and well-being is improved. 
We have the possibility to perform therapy both in our clinic and online.

Why Choose Us?

If you want to improve your performance, know your cognitive status, feel depressed, anxious or stressed and want to improve your mood.
Problems with Cognitive Performance
If you have memory or attention problems, or are worried about your performance at home or at work, we can help you.
We are here to support you on your journey towards a better mental state and higher performance.
We offer:
Neurofeedback to help you increase your concentration and focus.

Evaluation of Cognitive Status

Get a clear picture of your mental capacity and identify areas for improvement

Treatment for Depression and Anxiety

Effective therapies and strategies to manage and reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety.

Emotional enhancement

Strategies to boost your well-being and improve your quality of life.

Stress management

Proven techniques and tools to reduce stress and improve your overall well-being.

Annika Martinsson

Lay psychologist.
Lic .Psychologist Clinical Psychology and Health . EuroPsy Clinical Psychology
Certified in clinical application of Neuro and Biofeedback

Audrey Portocarrero Carpio

Leg. Psychologist
EMDR therapist
Specialist in clinical language disorders Specialist in learning and teaching
Certified in clinical application of Neuro and Biofeedback

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